10 Ways Canopy Walkways Help Save the Planet

ACTS canopy walkway

1) CLEANING THE ATMOSPHERE: Canopy walkways are typically constructed in heavily forested areas populated with mature trees. Trees, especially fully-grown mature trees, are literally the lungs of the Earth, without which all its beloved species of creatures, plus the human race, would ultimately wither and die. Trees are literally the super heroes of the world. […]

Lowman to Lead EcoTeach Tour of Amazon Rainforest

Peru EcoTeach Tour

TREE Foundation Executive Director Meg Lowman and TREE board member DC Randle are leading a weeklong excursion to Peru in July 2023! The trip will begin with an exploration of Lima before the group travels deep into the Amazon to experience the rainforest, and also includes an optional extension to Machu Picchu. The trip will […]

Penang Hill Walkway Designated as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve!

In September 2021, the UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme officially recognized the Habitat at Penang Hill as a biodiversity hotspot and biosphere reserve. The canopy walkway at Penang Hill was completed in 2017 as part of an effort to protect the 130-million-year-old Malaysian deciduous rainforest all around Penang.

Jared Farmer on what the world will lose if ancient trees die out

new york times

Bravo to Jared Farmer, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History at University of Pennsylvania, for his insightful and passionate call for “perdurance” in his October 20 New York Times opinion essay. Mr. Farmer writes, “Perdurance is resilience over time. Humans can recultivate this attribute by caring for old trees and the old-to-be.” We couldn’t agree […]

International Forest Conservationist Harry Cockrell Joins MISSION GREEN Scientific Advisory Board

Harry Cockrell

International environmental advocate and businessman Harry Cockrell has joined the TREE Foundation’s MISSION GREEN Scientific Advisory Board. Mr. Cockrell is the Chairman of The Habitat Foundation, as well as Chairman of Pacific Tiger Group, Ltd, a Hong Kong-based global manufacturer focused on holistic food solutions that utilize natural, ingredients and environmentally-friendly packaging.  Care and concern for the […]

Help MISSION GREEN Raise $25K in Matching Funds by Dec 31

Sherri Manning and Brady Johns

Big News!  TREE Foundation’s Mission Green initiative has received a matching funds pledge for $25,000 from Sherri Manning and Brady Johns!  Meg met Sherri and Brady while participating in a Nat Geo expedition in Borneo, where Meg was the lead scientist on the trip. (Brady is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Flip Flops and Fortunes, […]

Hope Dignity and Health for Trees Planet & People

Transforming forests

Mission Green founder and TREE Foundation Executive Director Dr. Margaret Lowman was interviewed by science journalist Amy Lewis for WORLD magazine. Dr. Lowman speaks to a vision “for canopy walkways to encourage stewardship through ecotourism, fostering wonder and excitement for forests.”

Record Rates of Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon

A recent TIME article sheds light on the rapid deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon in the first six months of 2022. From satellite imagery, scientists have discovered 1,500 square miles of forest lost between January and June of this year. This deforestation rate breaks all existing records and therefore is uniquely alarming.

Why Big Trees Must Be Saved

MISSION GREEN founder Meg Lowman was interviewed in February 2022 by Robyn Williams for The Science Show produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. During the interview, Meg shared aspects of her 2021 memoir, The Arbornaut — especially from Chapter 12. Listen in as she discusses the critical importance of saving big trees.

California Redwoods and the Future of Trees

TREE Executive Director Meg Lowman’s most recent op-ed, “We must act now to save trees for future generations,” appeared in the print edition of the Sarasota Herald Tribune newspaper on August 1, 2022.  In her essay, Dr. Lowman highlights the threats that large trees like the redwoods in California, as well as our trees in Florida and across the […]